Dunlop Mattress

Dunlop Mattress
For those who have purchased a natural latex bed online, how was your experience?

I’m thinking of purchasing a bed online from the Arizona Premium Mattress Company. I’m a little leary of buying something as major as a bed online. For those who have purchased a natural latex bed online (either dunlop or Talalay), what has your experience been like? Did you like the bed? Was it comfortable? Any other info you think might be notable would be appreciated. Thanks.

Before you purchase a bed online it would be beneficial to go to a local bed store and try a few latex beds. I would be leary to purchase ANY bed online without having first given a test run on a comparable model bed. I have had a latex bed for at least 10 years. I purchased it from a large mattress chain in my town. Even though I enjoy mine, while shopping with a family member for a mattress recently I was told they no longer carried latex mattresses. They claimed it was low customer appeal (even though they are quite popular in Europe) and high returns.

I remember getting a middle of the road king sized latex mattress about 10 years ago and it ran over $2,000. The top of the line ran over $4,000. Might seem high, but they carried mattresses over $6,000 at the store (and it seemed worth every penny, but not to my husband).

You might be better off going with a local mattress store that offers a 30 day return so if you not comfortable, at least you can exchange it for another mattress. Good Luck.

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